Atlanta Lantern Parade at the Beltline


My Colombian friend Danny Rodriguez and I decided to go to the Atlanta lantern parade last minute; no lantern made, no plans, and no idea what to expect. We arrived at Park Tavern to start out with some drinks by the stage and start the night of people watching. There were some really amazing, creative, elaborate lanterns sometimes literally walking above the shoulders of the crowd. We even had a chance to meet the people who started this wonderful event, Chantelle Rytter and the Krewe of the Grateful Gluttons. They made magic happen in Atlanta. Everyone was out  participating and just showing a love of the city, and a sense of one-ness with their neighbors, the way  life is supposed to be lived.


Eventually, we ended up making extremely makeshift lanterns from others discarded broken lanterns and marched alongside everyone else. We started at Piedmont park and ended up all the way in Ponce City Market by the end of the night. That place is a whole other blog entry on its own. Needless to say that D-Rod and I met some very interesting people that night and we won’t be quick to forget the experience.


So if you have the chance to attend this event next year, I highly recommend it. Go early, plan early, or don’t. Live in the moment and just take in one of the small joys of living. You can find more info about this event and other events that take place on the Atlanta Beltline here: Beltline Lantern Parade


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Femme Fatale

I wanted to capture the feeling of beauty taking something from the beholder. The idea of the siren, the mystery of femme fatale. Sometimes we see a beautiful woman, and we know nothing about her except what we can take in at a glance. The stories we tell ourselves in the dark become pictures in our heads. Everyone has secrets, and I’d like to think that most of them are not deadly. But, in the world of powerful imagination, everything is possible. Comic books do this so well; the stories are brought together by artwork to bend your mind in a way the artist desires. I try to bring some of that style into my photos, and let you make up the words that tell a story.


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Mr. Blue Sky

I met local Atlanta trio Mr. Blue Sky while shooting some b-roll for their latest music video “Geranimo” (coming soon) Instantly, I gravitated towards their bright and vibrant spirit. They all have great energy, and really love making music. Tim (center) and I became friends after a while, so when he mentioned the new album and the cover art I was more than thrilled to be asked to shoot it. After brainstorming and pondering we came up with a face paint concept that slowly evolved into more of an artwork piece than a traditional photograph.

Mr Blue Sky album cover4


I was fortunate enough to have a great team to work with all around. The shoot went smooth as butter. Rice the artist working on the project really made magic happen, and I couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome. Be sure to follow me on Instagram to see more!

7 days and a van.

7 days. Only 7 days. 7 more days before the wanderlust is satisfied. It began with a recommended Groupon for a 7 day camper van rental . And in seven days my good friend Drew and I will be venturing southwest, an area of the country neither of has spent much time in. Unfortunately, we’ll have to leave this  girl behind.

Layla wide angle instagram

Drew is sincerely one of the best people I know. He is an honest, sensitive, empathetic hippy that really just wants everyone and everything around him to be happy. We’ve been through a lot together and we’ve helped each other though even more. That guy is family. And I’m looking forward to exploring a corner of this country with my brother.

It’s always been a desire of mine to explore. Whether it was the abandoned house across my street growing up or discovering the limits to my personal abilities, exploration is one of the true joys in life.  “The very basic core of a man’s living spirit is his passion for adventure. The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun.”
– Christopher McCandless

So Colorado, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, California, New Mexico. All possibilities on this journey with no particular destination. Drew and I have joked about how wide the spectrum of experiences for this trip could be. We could see more in seven days than we’ve each seen in thirty years. We could spend endless hours driving thousands of more miles. Or we could meet a group of interesting people in the first city we touch down in and spend seven days exploring untold relationships and stories that to us, never existed. And we’re both OK with either. As long as we’re learning, growing, and laughing, we are going to have the a great time.

If you have any recommendations or thoughts at all on where to visit during this trip please send them my way. To follow along on this trip please follow me on Instagram.



Embassy Suites Hotels “More More” Ad Campaign

Sometimes ad agencies and their clients come up with the perfect campaign, as is shown by the “More More” campaign for Embassy Suites. It is perfectly satirical, engaging, and does a wonderful job of showcasing Embassy Suite as the hotel that gives you more.


Embassy suites 4 Embassy Suites 3 Embassy Suites 2 Embassy Suites 5



New Website!!!!

Title “Drinks”
Agency BBDO Atlanta
Campaign More More
Advertiser Embassy Suites Hotels
Brand Embassy Suites Hotels